Messy Tales of the Garden
Project Website, Navigationsystem, Wooden Display Stand and Map
Year 2021
Client Theresa Zwerschke
Photocredits Theresa Zwerschke
Tags scenography, printed matter, websites

Design realization of the work WO BLÄTTER SICH WENDEN. MESSY TALES OF THE GARDEN. by the artist Theresa Zwerschke. The work thematizes the interweaving of a scientific system of categories with colonial history and its traces in the structuring of the garden. In contrast to this, the hidden stories behind the common narratives are explored, which break up the rigid categorizations.

The sculptural display, serving as the central starting point of the tour, takes its shape from the outlines of the three routes. These routes do not need to be followed consecutively but instead overlap, briefly run together, and can be switched at any time. On it you will find a QR code linking to a website with the audio walk, as well as maps indicating the routes.

Alternative Map of the botanical garden laying in between plants on the floor

Woodensculpture with engraved type and two broschures with text hanging from the sculpture

Planttag in the botanical garden with an alternative plant tag on top of it

Freestanding wooden sculpture with engraved text outside in the botanical garden Leipzig

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