Relationality is evidential
Project Essay Publication
Year 2023
Client Lissy Willberg
Riso printed at BBK Berlin
In the context of The exhibition "If only they had written a score" at IDEAL artspace in Leipzig
Photocredits David Rank
Tags printed matter, books

Design and conceptualization for the Essay Publication „Relationality is evidential“ by Lissy Willberg as part of the exhibition „If only they had written a score“ at IDEAL Artspace Leipzig. The design merges the essence of an open book with the tactile quality of a stack of rehearsal papers, the text runs through with a rather morphing typography. Little printed post-it notes—the same the artist is using in their working process—with scores of a previous performance are accompanying the publication.

With the exhibition and the eponymous performance „If only they had written a score“, Lissy Willberg undertakes a „recomposition of remnants“ (Schneider 2012), which originate from a research project at the Institute for Postnatural Studies in summer 2023. In the IDEAL exhibition space, an expansive relief sculpture and a sound work examine audiovisual strategies for preserving the performative. The project questions Western concepts of space-subject relationships and addresses the (im)possible demarcation between the cultural and the natural. What would access to landscapes and nature as an environment look like today if the relationship to the outside had always been different? What if the „other“ had been thought of as something that permeates the self? Parallel to the opening, the essay „Relationality is evidential“ by Lissy Willberg will be released.

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