Composition as Explanation (Workshop)
Project Workshop
Year 2023
Poster of the students Magali Greif, Maite Schönherr
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Tags academia

Design is the fluid embodiment of an imminent future and thus not only the reflection of crumbling realities but their insidious precursor. As a product of various confrontations, designers develop narratives and positions by means of collective and/or individual language. This gives rise to creative, sometimes sprawling self-designations, words, categories, subcategories, and idiomatic expressions of an expanded concept of design. Sharp, simple, slick, sensual, Lyrical Design, Reflective Design, Emotional Design, Disobedient Design, Ontological Design. Which worlds do (these) language(s) represent, and how accessible are they outside (but also inside) a class meeting, an art academy, a cultural scene or a design context? When does this aim at understanding, when is it an end in itself, even demarcation? Where do we draw the line between expertise and gatekeeping in design and in how we talk about it? What is the relationship between linguistic engagement and visual design? By assembling and embodying various texts, borrowing positions within a LARG (Live Action Reading Group), we aim to develop a potential response through (com)position. A LARG is a format we have designed that positions itself in a hybrid space between a LARP (Live Action Role Play) and a reading group. We gather different texts from design theory, poetry, critical studies, and language theory, and provide the opportunity to embody these positions within a LARG. The enacted content will be translated into a documentary form derived from the LARG.

Open notebook with text on which notes are written

Two texts next to each other who are colored with a marker laying on a desk

Franz Eybl, Lesendes Mädchen

Borrowing Positions, Trojan Horse

Poster with grey type projeted on a wall by a beamer
Poster: Magali Greif

Helen Keller

Poster that shows a pyramid form where text is in and projeted on a wall by a beamer
Poster: Maite Schönherr

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