Berge Versetzen
Project wall lettering, poster
Year 2022
Client Grassi Museum
Photocredits PARA
Tags scenography, printed matter

Design for the exhibition "Berge Versetzen" by the collective "PARA" at the Grassi Museum Leipzig. As part of the exhibition "Reinventing Grassi.skd," the collective explored the museum's past. At the center of attention is the summit stone of Mount Kilimanjaro, which was stolen in 1889 by the colonial geographer and founder of the museum, Hans Meyer, raising questions about colonial ownership. The exhibition consisted of various stations that included German and English wall and floor inscriptions with texts. The bilingual texts converged towards each other, creating a gaping, fractured gap that alluded to the fragility of the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. The headlines facilitated a transition from a technically architectural, powerful atmosphere to historically inspired typography that was partially on the verge of decay. On a large stack, there was a poster with additional texts and poems related to the exhibition, which visitors could take with them.

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