Mmaapgeno Námoda
Project Website
Year 2021
Client Mmaapengo Námoda
Tags websites

Marilú Mapengo Námoda deeply engage with the politics of nurturing future possibilities. Her artistic practice revolves around exploring the transformative power of love as a tool for political healing, aiming to address the lingering impacts of colonialism, including racism, hetero-patriarchy, and classism. The primary objective of this project was to create a cohesive website that effectively encompasses the diverse purposes of the artist's work. The website serves as an archive, a blog, and a platform to showcase poems, artworks, pictures, and upcoming events, all of which are easily accessible to visitors. The front page design focuses on bold, non-hierarchical titles stacked on top of each other, utilizing a striking red color and a font with soft edges that maintains a strong presence. The overall website design adopts a simple aesthetic, primarily using red and off-white colors.

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