Bewegliche Bilder
Project Publication
Year 2023
Client Theresa Zwerschke & Elisa Schmitt
Size 130 mm X 215 mm, 80 pages
Edition 100
Printing & Binding Druckhaus Sportflieger, Berlin
Tags printed matter, books

Design for the publication "Bewegliche Bilder" of the eponymous traveling cinema, which was launched in the summer of 2023 in the district of Schongau, Bavaria, by Theresa Zwerschke and Elisa Schmitt. The traveling cinema presented a series of films at various local venues, exploring the theme of homeland cinema from different perspectives. The publication showcases the voices and thoughts of the attending audience, providing a personal insight and impression of the films, the atmosphere, and the perception of the movies. The film images are presented exclusively in a fragmentary form, reflecting as negative impressions within the texts. The text and, therefore, the thoughts take center stage while being influenced by the films. The cover is a folded poster featuring all film excerpts and titles in color.

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