Project Filmtitles
Year 2021
Client UdK Berlin
Tags logos

Film titles and graphic design for the film project "Schau 21–FREEWHEELING". During the exhibition, the Bachelor's and Master's graduates from 2019-2021 of the Institute for Experimental Clothing and Textile Design showcased their works in collaboration with the singing class of Prof. Deborah York from the University of the Arts Berlin and zeitgebilde Filmproduktion UG in a performative screening at the concert hall of the University of the Arts Berlin. The main focus of the film was to highlight the underrepresentation of all the individuals involved in fashion projects. A significant portion of the film consisted of credits, where each contributor to the project was treated in an individual manner and featured as a moving, animated object at the center. Each collection had its own exceptional logo that reflected the essence of the collection. Featuring final projects by Katharina Achterkamp, Ronja Biggemann, Nina Birri, Johanna Braun, Alessandro Gentile, Jasmin Halama, Paula Keilholz, Manfred Elias Knorr, Louis Krüger, Lina Lau, Lisa Oberländer, Smed Wagner, Katharina Spitz.

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