Project Website
Year 2023
Client Gather / UdK Berlin
Tags logos, websites

Website for the collective "Gather" - a participatory project that explores art and music from intersectional perspectives and promotes non-hierarchical, communal learning. Originally known as "FEMMUSIC," the name transformed into "Gather" by the end of 2022, emerging from courses held during the winter semester of 2017/18 at the University of the Arts Berlin. These courses passionately delved into feminist themes within the vast realm of contemporary music production, from diverse viewpoints. Special attention was given to designing a website that is inclusive and accessible. The logo itself reflects the dynamism of the collective, constantly evolving and transforming its shape. A central focus of the design was the use of notation systems, which are mirrored in the filtering systems of the menu. Vibrant colors were also employed to visually represent and distinguish the various thematic areas of the collective.

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